Bed Stamina – Silver Bullet Method to Increase Male Stamina

Bed Stamina – For a male (and a female for that matter), bed stamina is an extremely important part of maintaining a healthy sex life.  You might be surprised how many guys have had issues with their bed stamina in the past.  Many of us have had 1 or more sexual experiences where the intercourse part has come to an end in a minute or two or less.  If this applies to you, I don’t have to tell you how embarrassing it is.  DON’T WORRY!!!  There are two reasons I say this:

A)      Approximately 3 out of 4 men are reported to have a desire to last longer in bed and it’s because these guys have had issues more than once or on an ongoing basis.  DON’T LET PREMTURE EJACULATION RUIN ANOTHER SEXUAL EXPERIENCE EVER AGAIN – YOU CAN LEARN TO HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OVER WHEN YOU EJACULATE.

B)      It doesn’t have to be this way,   You can learn to increase your male stamina to guarantee you satisfy your girl.  Here are a couple of great methods  to assist you in achieving your goal.  I’ll start with the so-so methods (the quick fixes) and finish with the “silver bullet method”, which is the best method and will change your love life FOREVER!                 .

1 – If you know you will be having sex later in the day, pleasure yourself prior to your sexual experience. We always last longer the second time around.

2 – Use a special condom.  They actually make condoms to help you last longer.  Basically, they are thicker to decrease sensitivity.  It’s not the best method in my opinion, but it is a quick fix.  TIP —à Don’t double up.  This can actually increase the chances of a tear in both condoms.

3 – You can find some fantastic topical gels and / or creams which will help intercourse last longer by de-sensitizing the penis. In my opinion, these are a mid-grade fix. They tend to be all natural and they can add some extra spice to your love life. Using topical creams just makes the experience different. It provides a different sensation. This can be a double whammy as topical creams can change the sensations AND help you prolong the “END”.

4 – Another common method comes in the form of pills.  There are many to choose from and many of them are also all natural or herbal.  I’m not a big fan.  The reason I’m not a big fan is because this it’s only a temporary fix in the quest to increase your male, bed stamina.

The best way to LAST as LONG as YOU (SHE) Needs is as follows:

Most of the time, quick or abrupt endings are simply a result of our training.

I prefer the silver bullet method of gaining bed stamina.  I call it the silver bullet method because just like it’s fabled to be the only way to kill a vampire or werewolf, the “Silver Bullet” method is the only way to PERMANENTLY INCREASE YOUR BED STAMINA.

As young men, many of us have rushed the masturbation process to avoid being caught by a family member OR to just simply get straight to the point.  In essence, you trained yourself to not last long enough for your girl by having fast masturbation sessions.  IT”S OK, you just need to un-train yourself.  Matt Gordon has written a guaranteed method to last longer in bed.  I view this “silver bullet” method as sort of a holistic approach to improved bed stamina for guys.  It FIXES THE ENTIRE PROBLEM FROM THE INSIDE OUT.  It focuses on how the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of the body are interconnected to maintain sexual health. When one part of the body or mind is not working properly, it is believed to affect the whole person (including sexuality).

Matt Gordon’s book is by far the best approach.  You will have no need to use gimmicky pills, potions, or creams to last longer.  I urge you to CLICK HERE to find out more about this GUARANTEED APPROACH TO INCREASE BED STAMINA – YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE

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Intercourse Positions – Top 3 Sexual Position Errors A Man Makes

Intercourse Postitions —  The very act of having sex is easy, right? The answer is simple; it’s yes and no.  The act of having sex or intercourse really is pretty simple, but is there a chance that you could be better at it?  I think if we’re all honest with ourselves, we can improve on anything we do in life – including intercourse and sex.  Ideally,  the best outcome when it comes to sex is for it to be as pleasurable as possible for both the guy and girl.  Ask yourself this – Is your partner to having shattering orgasms every time you make love?

Consider the positions you choose when it comes to sex.  Regarding the choices of positions we have for sex, us men have many choices in terms of the sexual positions we can pursue.  The big question is this – “am I making the top 3 sexual position mistakes?  The answer is probably yes, but so is every other guy out there.  However, if you’re one of the few that learn both what to do and what not to do, then you will be a cut above all the other guys out there.  Simply put, you will get more action.

How to Be Her Best Lover Ever

—The #1 Sex Position Mistake most guys make is this: It’s very common for guys to try and do what they see in porn films.  This is a big mistake.  Remember, these movies are filmed to get a good shot for the viewer AND NOT to ensure that the actors are completely satisfied in a sexual manner.

Did you know that the WORST position for clitoral and/or vaginal stimulation is when your girl puts her ankles on your shoulders?  In fact, with her pelvis bent back so far, it can be painful in / on the cervix area.

The #2 Intercourse Position Mistake most guys make is this: You CANNOT let the woman do all the work when she is on top of you. Most women like the assertive, confident alpha male.  So, if you lay there and don’t do anything, it deprives your girl of something crucial – she wants to open herself up to YOU ravaging, loving, & admiring her body and sexuality.  Don’t be dead weight when she is on top!

—#3 Sexual Position Mistake most guys make is this: Many guys try too hard to keep their body weight off of their partner. Remember, sex is a way for women to get closer to their guy.  Try this the next time you engage in sexual intercourse with your girl – put more of your weight on her.  Most ladies love the feeling of having her man’s body pressed firmly up against hers.

John Alexander writes an amazing book you can easily download to your computer called BE HER BEST LOVER EVER

In recent studies, 43% of women report that there is some sort of problem in the bedroom. Don’t be that guy that contributes to this number and you will get more action than you can imagine.

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Kegel Routine for Men – Men, Bed Stamina, & Kegel Muscles

Men, here is the cold hard truth about bed stamina & your Kegel Muscles along with a simple Kegel Muscle routine that can help you improve your sex life and bed stamina.

For guys, having strong kegel muscles can elevate your sex life to the next level.  This is particularly true if you have ever had bouts of low bed stamina or premature ejaculation.  If you have ever had trouble with premature ejaculation, implementing a kegel muscle routine can be PART of the solution.  However, understand that it is only part of the Bed Stamina Solution.

Other key benefits of strong kegel muscles:

–Kegel exercises will increase your ability to have erections (Longer and Harder Erections).

–Strong kegel muscles can help eliminate incontinence.

–It will Increase the blood flow to the genital area, and therefore support Sexual Arousal mechanisms.

–You will notice increased pleasure with your sexual activity.

3 Top Kegel Muscle Routines to Improve Bed Stamina

  1. 1.      Squeeze your kegel muscle and hold it for 3 seconds.  By the way, the kegel muscle is the one you’d squeeze to stop going pee mid-stream.  Do this ten times.
  2. 2.      Squeeze your kegels muscle and hold it for as long as you can.  Try to reach 30 seconds AND try to do this 5-10 times.
  3. 3.      This one is my favorite kegel muscles exercise.  The reason it’s my favorite is because it actually involves resistance. It makes it seem like you’re REALLY doing something.  Find a wash cloth or hand towel and get it wet to way down the towel.  Get yourself to full erection.  Once at full erection, drape the wet towel or wash cloth over the base of your penis.  Squeeze to lift the cloth.  Hold it for 3-5 seconds.  Do this 5-10 times.

These kegel routines should be done 3-4 times per week.  Although this will help improve your sex life and increase bed stamina, it’s not the entire Bed Stamina Solution.

Incubationer LTD

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Stamina tips in Bed – Biggest & Best Male Stamina Tip You’ll Ever Get

Stamina tips in bed – If you want to take care of your girl in bed, you need to make sure you have enough stamina to do so.  I’m not going to mess with any of the JUNK male stamina tips like:



–Extra thick condoms


Here’s the deal—almost every single one of us has programmed ourselves to have very little stamina in the bedroom.  We’ve done this by having quick masturbation sessions.  Naturally we don’t want to get caught.

The result—we don’t have the male stamina we need to satisfy our girl before we have our orgasm.

The solutions is two fold:

First, we need to  “un-train” ourselves physically to gain sexual stamina.

Second, (and this is the most important stamina tip of all) we need to “un-train” ourselves on a sub conscious level to put our LOW stamina days in our past.

The best tool I’ve encountered to do both of these things comes from the EJACULATION TRAINER & It’s GUARANTEED.

Once you commit to learning the proper way to gain more stamina in bed, you’ll never look back and you’ll never have one of those embarrassing moments where you know she’s not content because you shot your load WAY too soon.

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